Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sourav Ganguly's guard attacked in Kolkata

Sourav Ganguly`s guard attacked in Kolkata
Some people severely beat up Saurav Ganguly’s security guard on Saturday night after he tried to disperse an agitating crowd at Behala. The incident took place when Ganguly was returning home in his car along with his daughter Sana Ganguly.
A crowd of people was agitating against a truck accident near Behala crossing on Diamond Harbour Road, where Ganguly`s car got stuck.
Ganguly’s personal security man Bivas Guha got down from the car and tried to disperse the crowd. But the agitators beat him badly. Even Ganguly got down from the car to convince the crowd but all in vein.
Meanwhile, Guha was hospitalized and thankfully Ganguly was unharmed.


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