Friday, August 6, 2010

Katrina Kaif, Imran Khan get third time lucky

It’s right when they say some things are ‘written’. Filmmakers have been trying their best to pair together Imran Khan, the new heartthrob of B-town with Katrina Kaif, the matchless beauty of the film industry. But two previous attempts to bring together the duo have come to naught.

But Katrina and Imran seems to have got third time lucky. The two have been roped in for a romantic movie to be produced by Yashraj Films and directed by first-timer Ali Abbas Zafar. Ali has been working with YRF for years and has assisted in films like Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, Tashan and Badmaash Company.

Ali has himself written the script of the new film which will go on the floors in a month’s time.

Previously, directors Sanjay Gadhvi and Dibakar Banerjee have tried to pair up Imran and Katrina. But Gadhvi’s film got shelved and Dibakar roped in Emraan Hashmi for his movie.

The casting coup became possible for YRF’s next because Dostana 2 has been postponed and Katrina had bulk dates, which she decided to give to the Yashraj project.

As said at the outset, perhaps it was written.

Deepika, Katrina, Priyanka together?

If two’s a pair, three’s a crowd! Not really when the three in question happen to be lovely lasses from tinsel town. This glamour galore is going to be in the sequel of Dostana.

We already know that Katrina Kaif is set to play the object of affection of two straight men (Abhishek Bachchan and John Abraham) pretending as gays. Now there’s another name being bandied about. That of Deepika Padukone.

It’s certainly getting hotter.

Director Tarun Mansukhani, who is revamping the sequel’s script, is believed to have asked producer Karan Johar to rope in Deepika for the movie, and Karan, quite capable of pulling off casting coups, has apparently discussed the role with the Om Shanti Om actress.

It is learnt that Deepika’s role is not just a cameo; in fact, it’s a significant part in the sequel. Now it has to be seen how Kat reacts to it, given the kind of vibes these two actresses share. And don’t forget that Priyanka Chopra, the original desi girl, will also have a guest appearance in the film.

Can’t get better than this. Teen ka dhamaka!

First Look - Anjaana Anjaani

‘All the greatest love stories are between strangers’ shrieks the tagline in the promo of the film Anjaana Anjaani. Yes, the first look and teaser of the film is out, and Priyanka Chopra has released it first on Twitter. What a launch!

The short and snappy teaser clearly indicates the fun mood of the film which is about two individuals played by Priyanka and Ranbir Kapoor. If viewers like Priyanka’s dresses and haircut, Ranbir as usual looks dashing in the promo. But what disappoints is the film’s first look, which is clearly taken from the last year’s Oscar nominee film An Education.

Nevertheless, director Sidharth Anand is a happy man. “It has just been a day since the teaser came out and the response has been fantastic. I was told that it is a much awaited movie this season but the instant feedback that I have received pretty much reaffirms the strong belief that we all had during the making of Anjaana Anjaani”, Siddharth is quoted as saying.

Check out the first look of Anjaana Anjaani here:

Eminem and Rihanna 'Love the Way You Lie'

Eminem sings about being part of an abusive relationship in his new track "Love the Way You Lie" featuring Rihanna. As soon as the song leaked fans picked up on the tune and now it's a summer anthem!

The song leaked off of Eminem's album Recovery which was release on July 22. In "Love the Way You Lie," rather than using hateful words against his ex-girlfriend, Eminem is apologetic. In the beginning of the song, he describes the relationship as a roller coaster; he goes on to describe what happens when the anger from an argument mounts and he snaps.

He says "I laid hands on her, I'll never stoop so low again." Eminem admits to abusing his former wife and acknowledges that what he did was wrong.

With such truthful words, fans connected with Eminem on this single and appreciate his frankness. With the added chorus by Rihanna, this collaboration has been one of the greatest this year and will definitely be one that will be remembered.

As Eminem sings about being the abuser, Rihanna knows a thing or two about being the victim of domestic violence. The topic hits very close to home for Rihanna because she was subjected to abuse from her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown.

The video is as real is the tune's lyrics: Rihanna stands in front of a burning house donning her new, signatire red hair. Eminem on the other hand is seen in an open field with blue skies.

Transfomers hottie Megan Fox and Lost actor Dominic Monaghan play the troubled couple that go from physically fighting to a steamy make-out scene. The video, despite being graphic and rough, has an addictive quality to it. Once you start watching the it, you can't take your eyes away.

With such an impressive song, the video follows through! Check out the video for "Love the Way You Lie" and let us know what you think.

Deepika Padukone and Neil Nitin Mukesh Grace Filmfare Magazine

Cute! Lafangey Parindey jodi Deepika Padukone and Neil Nitin Mukesh grace the cover of August's Filmfare magazine and they look very cute together!

Pradeep Sarkar's Lafangey Parindey centers around two characters with completely different lives that are destined to meet amid the grungy back streets of Mumbai. Neil Nitin Mukesh plays One-Shot Nandu, a wild champion street fighter that is notorious for defeating his opponents blindfolded. One-shot is literally what it takes for Nandu to win in the ring, earning him his nickname as well as the fear of all those who encounter him. He makes his own rules and lives by whichever means he chooses. His independent attitude completely changes when he meets Pinky Palkar.

Portrayed by Deepika Padukone, Pinky is a unique sweet girl with an enormous amount of talent. During the day she is a regular 9-5 worker at the local mall, come nightfall she transforms into a roller-skating dance queen who practices her skills at the studio. Pinky wants to make it out of the streets of Mumbai and become a famous dancer, but she faces a major obstacle - she is blind. She strives to prove to everyone else that she can do what she wants regardless of her disability.

And it seems like the cinema couple got close during the filming of the movie. So close in fact that Neil Nitin now admits that he's "possessive and protective" about Dips. When Neil Nitin was asked about his feelings for the former model he said he wanted to talk about her as a person, not an actress, so it seems like the two are definitely intimate! "I'd like to talk about her as a person rather than as an actor," Neil Nitin told The Times of India. "I keep telling her that her smile is one curved line that makes everything straight."

The film is set for release on August 20. Check out Neil Nitin's and Deepika's cover on Filmfare magazine and tell us what you think; hot or not?

Bachchan named brand ambassador of Champions League T20

Amitabh Bachchan

Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan was on Friday named brand ambassador of the upcoming Airtel Champions League Twenty20 by the tournament's official broadcaster and commercial partner ESPN Star Sports.

"I am delighted to be associated with Airtel CL T20. It is an interesting format, an international T20 tournament where only champion teams compete for the top prize. I am a huge fan and want to see Indian teams win laurels on the international stage," Bachchan said at a function.

"T20 cricket is just exciting. The time, the constraint, the fact that each player has to perform from the very first ball ... I'm honoured that I've been a part of this now. I wish all the three Indian teams well. I hope that Sachin (Tendulkar), (Mahendra Singh) Dhoni and (Anil) Kumble do well," he said.

When asked about his cricketing capabilities, he said he would bowl left-handed and bat right-handed.

The actor recalled how while playing an exhibition match he had failed to identify Indian cricket legend Vinoo Mankad.

"When I joined the film industry, there used to be many celebrity matches. I think it was during one of them at Brabourne (stadium in Mumbai). I was bowling left arm spin when the 'umpire' advised me to bowl from the other side of the wicket. I was irritated and I completed the over from the same side," he said.

"After finishing the over, I asked a friend about the umpire and it turned out he was Vinoo Mankad. I was so embarrassed that I could have dug a pit and jumped into it," he added.

Praising Sachin Tendulkar, Bachchan said the batting maestro was getting better with age.

"Much has been written about Tendulkar. The way he plays is exceptional. I generally believe that sportspersons wane with age. But Sachin is making new records every day," he said.

When asked whether he would like to take up sports commentary, Bachchan replied in the negative.

On whether he was interested in buying an IPL team, Bachchan said, "I have joined ESPN, now this is my only team."

Former India skipper Sourav Ganguly, who was present at the function, said, "He (Bachchan) is in a profession where he has mesmerised us all these years. He is in the right place and we are lucky to have him amongst us."

ESPN STAR Sports managing director Manu Sawhney said, "An aggressive marketing campaign to build traction on ground has been launched across all forms of media. We have committed a lot of resources this year to building the property and I believe that our association with Mr Bachchan will take the entire event into a different dimension."

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'Saying I'm HIV+ is tough; saying I'm gay is tougher'

It is a Sunday morning. Outside Hyderabad, at a Rajasthani-style resort named Dhola-ri-dhani, close to 500 men have gathered. The younger among them seem to be in their 20s, the seniors in their 60s. They speak softly, but warmly to each other. Many of them know each other through previous secret meetings but if they were to meet outside, they would not acknowledge that. It would be as though they have never met before. But here they are at peace in a gathering where they can be themselves.

The technical term used to describe them is MSM: Men Who Have Sex with Men. The group gathered here has bisexuals, homosexuals, and transgendered individuals. There are cross-dressers too, conspicuous with their elaborate hair-dos and bright outfits and what appear to be deliberately feminine mannerisms.

The meeting has been organized by the Andhra Pradesh AIDS Control Society and local NGOs who want to build a greater support system for the 60,000 men in Andhra Pradesh who have sex with other men. There is a sense of urgency. HIV is shooting up in the community - from 9 to 11% in the last two years.

Vivek tested positive for HIV in 2003. His wife knows that. What he hasn't told her is that he contracted the infection when he lived in Mumbai as a young man. To supplement his income as a receptionist, he worked as a paid sex worker. Since his teens, Vivek knew that he was sexually attracted to men. But the fear of rejection by his family and society, he says, nudged him into marrying a cousin He has a 12-year-old daughter now. Vivek says it was humiliating and debilitating to tell his family that he is HIV positive; but telling them about his sexual preference is impossible.

That is the startling consensus here - that the stigma of being gay is more domineering and substantial than that of being HIV positive. And this is what worries health workers. That while society is, however gradually, being trained to overcome its prejudice against HIV and AIDS, there is no comparable progress in how it perceives or treats homosexuality. ``In India, it is still a crime," says Vivek.

More than a year ago, a landmark judgement saw the Delhi High Court decriminalizing homosexuality under Section 377. That verdict has been challenged in the Supreme Court, whose ruling is awaited. The government, however, has not appealed against the High Court's decision. Chances are, experts say, that the ruling will not be over-turned.

But the gap between legal acceptance and everyday life is expansive and isolating. Nayeem, now in his 30s, came out to his father 10 years ago. It was traumatising for both father and son. After six daughters, his father responded, he wanted his only son to be a "proper man." Nayeem has held his ground, refusing to marry. But his sexual preference remains a secret.

"With HIV status, people may taunt you a couple of times. Then they accept. But it is not like that with homosexuality. They humiliate you everywhere, call you a hijra," he says.

The six -hour-long meeting encourages men gathered here to swap stories and understand that they need to access medical extension services offered by the government and NGOs.

And, also, more importantly, help others who find it very difficult to come out and seek guidance. To learn how they can lead a life of their choice and still protect themselves from HIV. Considerable time is spent explaining the need for regular tests. The gathering is familiarised with the exclusive drop-in centre for MSMs, the only one of its kind possibly in the country. Health workers explain that they are lobbying for MSM-specific condoms, with more lubricants, to soon be made available in the market.

At 5 pm, Vivek is ready to leave. He will tell his wife that he spent the day at his office.

Now listen to kamasutra for love making

How about listening to the audio on the steps for love making and trying out the moves, quite difficult?
This age-old flaw has now been taken care of, by releasing the world's most famous sex manual in the form of audio books.
Now all you have to do is listen to the audio to get your moves right.
Beautiful Books, of London, has commissioned actor Tanya Franks to read aloud from the treatise, including its most notorious chapter, "On Sexual Union", which describes 64 different ways of making love.
The books can be downloaded for 8.99 dollars.
Kamasutra is based on ancient Hindu philosophies and was first translated into English in 1883 under the guidance of Victorian explorer Richard Burton.
"Now there's no need to feel embarrassed by reading a copy of this wonderful and important book in public - simply download it on to your mp3 player and liven up your commute to work," The Guardian quoted Simon Petherick, the managing director of Beautiful Books, as saying.
"When I was asked to read the Kama Sutra I felt nervous and excited at the thought of it," Franks said.
When we finally did it I was completely relaxed and we had a great time. The only thing missing was the cigarette afterwards," she added.

Men work equally hard at home

Men work equally hard at home

Think twice before complaining that your husband do not help you in daily household chores as a study has said that husbands actually contribute more than their fair share of work in the house.

According to a research by the London School of Economics (LSE), wives who moan they have to juggle a `double-shift` with duties at work and then at home have in fact got it wrong, the Daily Mail reported Thursday.

The experts, who took into account paid and unpaid work, as well as voluntary work and care, found that men make much more of a contribution than they are given credit for.

While women tend to cut down on office time or leave work after having children, many men compensate for the lost earnings by working extra hours and overtime, the study found.

Researchers said both men and women work an average of eight hours a day in paid jobs or unpaid duties.

"This data overturns the well-entrenched theory that women work disproportional long hours in jobs and at home in juggling family and work," Dr Catherine Hakim, a sociologist at the LSE, said.

"Feminists constantly complain that men are not doing their fair share of domestic work. The reality is that most men already do more than their fair share."

However, couples who have no children, and in which both partners have full-time jobs, are the only group for which women`s overall workload was greater than men`s, the research found.

Julia Roberts converts to Hinduism

Julia Roberts converts to Hinduism
Hollywood superstar Julia Roberts has converted to Hinduism in the hope of having a peaceful life in her next incarnation.
The 42-year-old actress, who was born to a Baptist and Catholic couple, is now a practising Hindu after visiting India while shooting her upcoming movie 'Eat Pray Love'.
In the film, Roberts plays a woman hoping to find herself through Hindu spirituality.
Speaking to the September issue of Elle magazine, the Academy award winning actress said she now goes to temples to "chant, pray and celebrate" accompanied by her cameraman husband Daniel Moder and their three children, Hazel, Phinnaeus and Henry.
"I'm definitely a practising Hindu. I've been so spoiled with my friends and family in this life. Next time I want to be just something quiet and supporting," said Roberts.
The 'Pretty Woman' star was introduced to the Eastern philosophy while shooting for 'Eat Pray Love', the movie, based on the best-selling book by Elizabeth Gilbert, Roberts plays a recently-divorced woman travelling the world trying to find herself.
The character visits Italy for food, India for spirituality and Bali, where she finds love.
To talk about the Hollywood actors who convert to Indian religion we also have Richard Gere who is greatly influenced by Buddhism and is practising this philosophy and devotedly following Dalai Lama. People are turning spiritualistic these days to attain tranquility.

Train passengers robbed, assaulted in Bihar

Train passengers robbed, assaulted in Bihar

Over 50 armed robbers stormed into the AC coaches of a Delhi-bound express train and looted the passengers in Bihar`s Lakhisarai district early on Friday.

The Howrah-Delhi Lal Quila Express was on its way to Delhi when the incident happened. The robbers looted cash and valuables from the passengers between Bansipur and Bhulai railway stations, about 150 km from here.

The passengers were also assaulted and were injured when they resisted the robbers.

Railway police has lodged a case in this connection.

Over a dozen train robberies have been reported in Bihar in the last six months. Today`s robbery is a case of major railway security breakdown.

Asif Ali Zardari, the thief of paintings

Asif Ali Zardari, the thief of paintings

Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari has been accused of helping to steal paintings of an internationally acclaimed Pakistani artist.

Shaheen, the daughter of the late artist, Laila Shahzada has lodged court papers in Pakistan claiming Zardari colluded with her brother to steal 93 of her mother`spaintings from her Karachi flat in 1994 and shipped them to London.

Shaheen wants the London Metropolitan Police to question Zardari during his visit to Britain. Zardari has claimed in the past that he was simply looking after thepaintings for Sohail Shahzada, Shaheen`s brother. The President`s office has meanwhile rubbished the allegations by Shaheen.

Zardari, who is currently visiting various European countries, is facing strong criticisiam from Pakistani press for leaving the country when many parts of the country are facing flood sitution and sectarian violence.

Nooyi and Pandit can head Tata group

Nooyi and Pandit can head Tata group

With Noel Tata, Chennai born boss of Pepsico Indra Nooyi is also emerging as the possible would be boss of 71 billion dollar Tata group once Ratan Tata demits his corner office of Bombay house as a Chairman of India’s most diversified group.

It is learn that she is a close friend of Ratan Tata and there is a possibility that Ratan Tata would support her candidature for the top job. However, two other NRI Ceos heading very prestigious groups are also said to be in the race for the coveted post.

India Inc watchers say that 53 years old head of Citigroup of America Vikram Pandit too can emerge as the black horse to head the Tata group. Vikram has a formidable reputation as a banker and he has played key role in taking his bank out of storm that had hit the world during economic liberalization.

With Nooyi and Pandit, the name of Anshu Jain is also in race to grab the top honours. An ex student of Delhi’s SriRam college of Commerce Anshu Jain is currently the head of Deutsche Bank’s corporate and investment banking.

He is only 46 years and his grip on financial matters is outstanding. He can be an asset to the group. Veteran business journalist Aroon Kumar says that in the coming weeks and months, the speculations regarding the possible replacement to Ratan Tata would be intensely discussed.

How to file your income tax returns!

As the d-day (31 July) to file the income tax returns is just couple of days away, it is high time that you file your returns before it is too late. If you are very busy, then you can file your returns online too. You are duty bound to do so.

You have to remember that filing of tax returns is mandatory for everyone whose gross total income exceeds the basic exemption limit, which is Rs1.90 lakhs for women below 65 years of age, Rs 2.40 lakhs for senior citizens and Rs 1.60 lakhs for any other individual, for the financial year 2009-10 (for income earned between April 2009 and March 2010). The due date for filing the tax returns for financial year 2009-10 in case of individual tax payers is July 31, 2010. The current tax returns don`t require any documents to be annexed.

According to noted income tax consultant,Surinder Gambhir,there is a misconception among some salaried individuals that because the employer has deduced tax at source, they are not required to file tax returns. Even though tax has been deduced and there is no other source of income, or liability to pay tax, you have to fileincome tax returns. It is necessary to file income-tax returns if the total income, before allowing any deduction, exceeds the exemption limit.

All you need is Form 16 and 16A along with the summary of all your bank accounts. And of course your PAN Card number.

There are eight Income tax return (ITR) forms. Depending on the various streams of income you earn, you have to select the return form accordingly. If you have income from salary, pension and interest income, then ITR-1 is the form for you. If you have capital gains or rental income or you’re paying off a home loan in addition to interest income and salary income, then you need to fill ITR-2. Make sure you select an appropriate form after taking into consideration, the flow of income from various streams.

There are two possible ways to file your returns—online and offline.

Though many are contemplating whether it’s worthwhile shifting from the old fashioned method of filing returns physically to a modern method i.e. e-filing which was introduced in the assessment year 2006-07, but the fact remains that with the last day for filingIncome Tax returns coming close, whatever means you choose-offline or online, what matters is that it is done before its too late.

After thrashing wife, Rahul Mahajan 'feels sorry'

Rahul Mahajan thrashes his wife Dimpy

The family drama that was enacted when Rahul Mahajan thrashed his wife, Dimpy Ganguly, on the early hours of Thursday, Dimpy surfaced on Friday evening and told the media, “we both regret the incident. Rahul feels sorry for his action. Now everything is settled.”

Earlier in the day, Dimpy left his husband`s Worli house after she was beaten up by her husband. According to Mumbai Mirror, Dimply vowed never to return to her husband`s home. There were bruises on her chin, both hands and her left cheek was swollen.

According to Dimpy, Rahul beat her up after waking her up to know the contents of a message that had just beeped on her phone. When Dimpy asked him to let her sleep, he lost his temper and began hitting her. She was punched, kicked and dragged her by her hair.

Rahul, son of late BJP leader Pramod Mahajan, has been accused of domestic violence in his first marriage also. He divorced his first wife, Shweta Singh, as he used to beat her too. The couple divorced in August, 2008. It may be recalled that he was even charged with use of drugs in the past.

Happy extroverts 'more creative', says study

Happy extroverts `more creative`, says study

Outgoing people in a good mood are more creative than the introverts, says a new study.

Extrovert people in a good mood are the most creative thinkers because they have more of the `happiness chemical` dopamine, according to Lorenzo Stafford, University of Portsmouth psychologist.

However, people who keep themselves to themselves are not creative whether they are in a good or neutral mood.

Stafford said his results showed personality and mood play a significant role in creativity.

"The more outgoing a person is, the more active their dopamine system is and a positive mood increases dopamine activity even further in many parts of the brain," the Scotsman quoted him as saying.

"It is the combination of the extrovert personality-type in a positive mood which encourages more creative performance, and not positive mood alone," he added.

Take big bites and avoid weight gain

The traditional advice to properly chew food is not always best as a new study has revealed that chewing food less and taking big bites can help people avoid weight gain.

A team, led by the University of Canterbury, has found that taking bigger bites and chewing food less can make people feel full longer and thereby help regulate weight as the food gets broken down more slowly in the stomach.

This meant people can feel fuller for longer and the slow release of energy could be burned off over time, say the researchers.

"The way people chew the food depends more on the food's properties, not the individual, so you can design food which people won't chew much and (food they) will chew a lot," team leader Marco Morgenstern was quoted as saying by PTI.

In their study, the researchers found that their findings included the benefits of eating whole-oat muesli and wholegrain bread which made people feel satisfied for longer. Pasta was also found to have a slow-release energy.

Older women are more sexually activ

Older women are more sexually active
Earlier, people had a wrong notion that elderly women are least interested in sexual moves and they have lost the colour of romance in their life. If you think that post menopause women loses all her seduction then think again, because a new study says that middle-aged women are sexually more active and enjoy better orgasms than younger women.
So, the hubbies of middle aged women need not to worry, because your lady is as young and energetic as she used to be in her newly wedded days.
The results from the test group certainly seems to prove that women who are older have more sex, though the reason for this has yet to be conclusively proven. Women between the ages of 27 and 45 reportedly have more sex than those in the age group 18-26 and also 45 and above.
The study therefore also shows that women have a sharp decline in interest for sex after they reach menopause. According to Buss’ article, the feedback in the questionnaire used also showed that women older than 27 and younger than 45 were also more likely and open to fantasizing and being with men other than their regular partners. The results were the same for single and married women and also women who were mothers.
Sexual dysfunction has been described as low sex drive or libido, followed by difficulty with
"Self-esteem, sense of wholeness and relationships can be seriously and adversely affected, exacting a heavy emotional toll. Researchers have found significant associations between major categories of sexual dysfunction, reduced physical and emotional satisfaction and general well-being,".

Cloudburst, flash floods kill over 100 in Leh; many missing

Cloudburst, flash floods kill over 100 in Leh; many missing

At least 100 people were killed and several are missing after flash floods and cloudburst hit parts of Leh on Thursday night.

According to reports, the communication system in the area was badly affected because of the cloudburst which was accompanied by heavy rains. Because of this the exact number of casualties is not known yet.

A polytechnic college, headquarters of the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd, the Indo-Tibetan Border Police camp, many government offices and houses have been damaged. The Leh airport has been flooded.

As many as 4,000 army men, and Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) and police personnel have launched a massive relief and rescue operation.

Chief Minister Omar Abdullah has expressed grief over the tragedy. He has directed the civil and police administration to undertake relief and rescue work.

Old Leh city is worst affected, with the main hospital, SNM Hospital, flooded and the main bus stand flattened.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has expressed grief over the loss of life and property.

"The Prime Minister is grieved to learn about the loss of life and property in the flash floods which hit Leh after a cloud burst last night,” a PMO statement said.

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