Saturday, July 24, 2010

Life Today: Signs of a perfect sex partner

signs of a perfect sex partner
The kind of partner a person has makes a huge difference in the sex life. It allows them concentrate more on the act, instead of thinking too much about whether they`re making love to the right person or not. When it comes to a perfect sex partner, attributes like height, weight, age, behaviour, choices etc take a backseat. What matters is that he/she suits you and shares an amazing chemistry in the bedroom.
Though it might be hard to find an absolute sexually compatible partner, but most couples don`t even know the traits that they or their better half should posses to be a perfect sex partner. Having an outstanding sex partner takes a huge burden off an individual`s mind.
Dr. Kirti Mishra, a clinical physiologist and a relationship expert elucidates, "The idea of a perfect sex partner varies for different individuals, but some common traits like sexually active, experimental in bed, hygienically sound etc are a must, as they are the key for finding sexual ecstasy. Most couples today are working on their personal attributes to match theirpartner`s prerequisites and thus become a perfect sex partner." Apart from good looks, a hot body and a thrilling sex drive, let`s explore the less superficial elements of what makes a perfect sex partner. And if your partner bears these qualities in bed, you can unquestionably boast of having a great sex partner.
1. Hygiene holds the key
Everyone likes making love to a clean and tidy partner, so good hygiene holds great importance in a sexual relationship. Ensure that your partner is well manicured with a fully waxed body to ensure a higher comfort level. Too much hair on body makes it uncomfortable to enjoy each inch of your lover. So look out for a soft and clean skin in yourpartner complemented with a nice smell, as a bad body odour is a huge turn-off.
2. Oral sex shouldn`t be an issue
You know what pleases you, so a wonderful partner to have in bed is one who doesn`t hesitate going out of the way to give you that pleasure. If not routinely, your partner should be ready to please you orally as per their own mood and comfort level.
Hot tip: "Don`t wait for your partner to tell you or give hints each time they feel like experiencing oral pleasure, instead make it a part of the love making act. It is quite safe and enjoyable as the actual act, so don`t be unwilling to go for it," states Dr. Deepak Gupta, a sex expert.


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