Saturday, July 24, 2010

Aamir not in the race to become highest tax payer

The biggest star of Hindi cinema Bollywood Aamir Khan is not keen to become the highest tax payer of Bollywood. “That is not my goal. Whatever I earn, I pay my tax. If I would be in the race to be top tax payer, then I will make different kind of films. I will have to change my thinking as well,” Aamir Khan said firmly, while talking on wide ranging subjects to Anurradha Prasad for her popular show `Aamne -Sammne` to be aired on News 24 channel.

In a same vain, Aamir Khan has also ruled out the possibility of making his Aamir Khan Production in to a corporate entity. In a direct question, `Would he like to turn his company in to a corporate entity,? The actor,producer,director and model informs, “While his friends suggest him that i can earn thousand crore if i go public. But, I do not think on such lines.”

`Why not considering the fact that your company is producing very successful films`? Politely but firmly, Aamir Khan said, “ I am a creative person. Our films Laagan. Tare Zameen par and Jaane tu... were very successful. I hope now Peepli would also do well. But, I am not a businessman. If I were a businessman I would perhaps have not made all these films.”

Discussing about the song `mahngai dayan khaye jaat hai..` from his forthcoming film `Peepli live` that has become swan song of opposition parties,Aamir Khan modestly said, “It is a sheer chance that this particular song has come when the issue of price rise is making waves. Though, the film is not on inflation. It is all about the issues and struggles of rural India.”

Continuing with Peepli Live and the Bollywood buzz that it is inspired with great film of 70s Jaane bhi do yaaro, the quintessential super star made records straight once and for all that `Peepli Live` is not at all inspired by Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro. Unlike the farcical humor of Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro, Peepli... has a very realistic humor. Moreover, it depicts the lively life of villages too.”

`Mehngai dayan kaye jaat hai... is very bitter attack on the system`? The temperamental star admitted very candidly, “ the choice of song was not his. It was sung by the local people of that village. They have not made the song for the film. Ansuha ( director of Peepli live) heard the song while doing shooting. She included it in the film.”

Price rise of essential commodities in the recent times seems to be in mind of Aamir Khan as well. Said Aamir, “ I have been listening about price rise for the last 30 years. I do not think any government has ever controlled it. Though they make effort to control it.” Does he think that governments do not give much attention to control price rise ? In a very honest confession, he said, “ I can not speak on this matter as I am not competent enough. I am sure the mandarins of planning commission and other economists would be trying hard to deal with the issue.”

In a related question, Aamir Khan bluntly said that there is no question of giving copyright of the Mehangai dayan... to any party. He,however, made it clear that he was not aware of the fact as to which political outfit asked for the copyright of the song, though there were some requests.”With all the force arguably the tallest star of Hindi cinema demolished the myth of star power inBollywood. Aamir Khan was of the opinion that stars can give good opening to any film, but at the end of the day bad film would fall flat even if you put many stars in it.

`What next for you, Aamir`? With little pause,the star said, “ I do not plan anything for future. Currently, I am thinking only about Peepli, then Dhobi Ghat and then a film featuring Imran.”

Controversies has become middle name of Aamir Khan? “ I always run away from controversies. If you are a star, some people would like to be very close to you. They create controversies. Controversies definitely affects me. But to move away from it, I then stop watching TV and scanning newspapers,” informs Aamir.

Aamir Khan refused to divulage the reasons for his spat with Javad Akhtar on the issue copyright. He only said, “ I have great respect for him. Iwould not discuss the matter in public.” Any plans to work with Karan Johar ? “No at the moment. Though we are very close,” he said.

Has failure greatly affect him? “Of course, it does. I feel really bad. But, i feel that there must be something wrong in the making of the film,” Aamir Khan concludes.


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