Saturday, July 24, 2010

Gentle stroll of 40 minutes can change your life

If you have still not started gentle stroll daily, it is high time that you start it now. There is no need to spend hours on a treadmill at the gym to get fit, suggests a new study, which found that the key to a longer life could be as simple as taking a gentle walk for forty minutes a day. Experts say that a daily walk to the shops can cut the risk of early death by 20%.

"Our research confirms that it is not just exercising hard that is good for you. Even moderate, everyday activities like walking and cycling can have major health benefits," says eminent Delhi based cardiologist Dr.R.K.Caroli.

"Just walking to the shops or walking the children to school can lengthen your life - as well as bringing other benefits for well-being and the environment."It is a very important message to get across, that small amounts of light to moderate activity on a regular basis will have quite large benefits," he added.

Walking freak Dr.Pavan Dhir says that if you want to live ailment free life then one should walk as mush as you can. “ Gentle walking in the morning can change your life for better. I have observed that walking is also an addiction. If you start once, then you will never stop it.”


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