Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sharad Yadav's chopper makes emergency landing

Sharad escapes mishap; chopper makes emergency landing

A helicopter that was carrying Sharad Yadav, the President of the Janata Dal (United), had to land minutes after it took off from Patna because of a major technical problem.

Sources say that the tip of the tail rotator blade of the chopper broke mid-air. Along with Yadav, two pilots and three other passengers are safe.

When contacted, state Road Construction Minister Prem Kumar said, "we heard a sound in the tail fan of the wobbling chopper and the pilots soon decided to make an emergency landing."

After a few minutes the helicopter took off, the pilot reported the technical problem to the Air Traffic Control in Patna and landed the helicopter in a field at Jakkanpur. "

Yadav was heading towards Chausa to attend a function for inauguration of a road bridge by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.


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