Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Street children sing for Peepli Live

Peepli Live

Not only does Aamir Khan’s upcoming production Peepli Live have an interesting array of actors, it also has an eclectic bunch of musicians. The soundtrack is in the news for its song on price rise by Raghuvir Yadav, two tracks by band Indian Ocean, and a classical number by Nagin Tanvir.

But what’s not known so far is that Khan has roped in a French music composer and multi-instrumentalist for the background score of the movie as well. The composer, Mathias Duplessy, has earlier composed for films like Mona Saber (2001) and Bombay Summer (2008), and is well known on the international jazz circuit.

For Peepli Live, Duplessy has actually got slum children, who sing on trains, to sing on the background of the movie. Khan confirms the news, “Yes, Matthew has got street children to sing on the background of the movie. While the soundtrack features a variety of artistes, the children haven’t sung a full-fledged song, but only sung a few verses on the background.”

Khan does not reveal more on this, but says that it’s the little details in the movie that excite him as a producer. He raves about the actors in the movie too, “Most of the actors are debuting with this movie. And I can confidently say that if you compare their performance in this movie to mine in any movie I’ve done, they’d still be ten times better than me.”


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