Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Salman Khan dumps 10 Ka Dum


Unable to tolerate that the broadcasters of 10 Ka Dum were taking him for a ride, Salman Khan has dumped the game show in a huff and vowed he will only take up the show again on his own terms. While the exact exchange between the Salman and the channel a few hours before he signed on for Bigg Boss 4 isn’t available, the gist of his message was clear — my way or the highway.

According to reports, Salman had charged Rs 89 crore for the 104 episodes telecast in the first season of 10 Ka Dum . For the second season he asked for an increment of Rs 44 crore which failed to materialise. In fact, Salman had slashed his fee for the second season after the channel admitted a cash crunch due to the recession. Yet, he wasn’t bothered. “I love this show,” he had said in an interview.

Explaining the chain of events, a source said, “The broadcaster of 10 Ka Dum made Salman wait for a long time. 10 Ka Dum 3 was supposed to start this year but suddenly the entire focus shifted to Kaun Banega Crorepati 4 after Amitabh signed the dotted line. But Salman still waited patiently.”

So when was the flashpoint reached? “It came when the 10 Ka Dum broadcaster and Salman had started talking money for the third season. Salman was told he wouldn’t get a hike. Salman argued that since the recession was over, why shouldn’t he get a better pay packet? He asked them that since he had stood by them in their time of crisis, so why couldn’t they repay him now? But the broadcaster tried to soft-pedal the issue.”

Salman finally realised it wasn’t worth waiting any longer for a positive answer. “ 10 Ka Dum was very close to Salman’s heart. But it is okay, life goes on. He is very happy with Bigg Boss 4 ,” said the source.

We wonder if there is a sub-script to the drama. Apparently Salman’s brother Sohail has been pitching a few pilots to various channels but the 10 Ka Dum broadcaster didn’t show any interest in his projects.

“Salman has made it clear that if he is ever approached for 10 Ka Dum , it should be at his terms and price. Otherwise they are free to search for a suitable replacement for the third season,” added the source.


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