Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pranab loses temper, slams Opposition

Pranab Mukherjee loses temper, snaps at Opposition

Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee on Wednesday lost his temper at the Opposition in Parliament and warned them not to “ridicule his sensitivity”.

"I am from a village. I studied under a kerosene lamp till my Class 10, commuted to school by walking, in today`s terminology, 10 km everyday. Don`t ridicule my sensitivity," said Mukherjee with folded hands whenOpposition members claimed that the Centre was trying to blame the states for price rise in the country.

Pranab asked the Opposition to explain what was “insensitive”: raising kerosene prices from Rs2 a litre to Rs9 per litre (during the NDA regime) or increasing the prices from Rs 9 a litre to Rs 12 per litre?

The UPA government in June raised prices of kerosene by Rs3 a litre, cooking gas by Rs35 a cylinder and diesel by Rs a litre, besides freeing petrol prices from government control that made the fuel costlier by Rs 3 a litre.

Pranab was replying to the discussion on the Motion on Inflationary pressure on the economy.


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