Friday, August 6, 2010

Men work equally hard at home

Men work equally hard at home

Think twice before complaining that your husband do not help you in daily household chores as a study has said that husbands actually contribute more than their fair share of work in the house.

According to a research by the London School of Economics (LSE), wives who moan they have to juggle a `double-shift` with duties at work and then at home have in fact got it wrong, the Daily Mail reported Thursday.

The experts, who took into account paid and unpaid work, as well as voluntary work and care, found that men make much more of a contribution than they are given credit for.

While women tend to cut down on office time or leave work after having children, many men compensate for the lost earnings by working extra hours and overtime, the study found.

Researchers said both men and women work an average of eight hours a day in paid jobs or unpaid duties.

"This data overturns the well-entrenched theory that women work disproportional long hours in jobs and at home in juggling family and work," Dr Catherine Hakim, a sociologist at the LSE, said.

"Feminists constantly complain that men are not doing their fair share of domestic work. The reality is that most men already do more than their fair share."

However, couples who have no children, and in which both partners have full-time jobs, are the only group for which women`s overall workload was greater than men`s, the research found.


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