Friday, August 6, 2010

Now listen to kamasutra for love making

How about listening to the audio on the steps for love making and trying out the moves, quite difficult?
This age-old flaw has now been taken care of, by releasing the world's most famous sex manual in the form of audio books.
Now all you have to do is listen to the audio to get your moves right.
Beautiful Books, of London, has commissioned actor Tanya Franks to read aloud from the treatise, including its most notorious chapter, "On Sexual Union", which describes 64 different ways of making love.
The books can be downloaded for 8.99 dollars.
Kamasutra is based on ancient Hindu philosophies and was first translated into English in 1883 under the guidance of Victorian explorer Richard Burton.
"Now there's no need to feel embarrassed by reading a copy of this wonderful and important book in public - simply download it on to your mp3 player and liven up your commute to work," The Guardian quoted Simon Petherick, the managing director of Beautiful Books, as saying.
"When I was asked to read the Kama Sutra I felt nervous and excited at the thought of it," Franks said.
When we finally did it I was completely relaxed and we had a great time. The only thing missing was the cigarette afterwards," she added.


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