Friday, August 6, 2010

Older women are more sexually activ

Older women are more sexually active
Earlier, people had a wrong notion that elderly women are least interested in sexual moves and they have lost the colour of romance in their life. If you think that post menopause women loses all her seduction then think again, because a new study says that middle-aged women are sexually more active and enjoy better orgasms than younger women.
So, the hubbies of middle aged women need not to worry, because your lady is as young and energetic as she used to be in her newly wedded days.
The results from the test group certainly seems to prove that women who are older have more sex, though the reason for this has yet to be conclusively proven. Women between the ages of 27 and 45 reportedly have more sex than those in the age group 18-26 and also 45 and above.
The study therefore also shows that women have a sharp decline in interest for sex after they reach menopause. According to Buss’ article, the feedback in the questionnaire used also showed that women older than 27 and younger than 45 were also more likely and open to fantasizing and being with men other than their regular partners. The results were the same for single and married women and also women who were mothers.
Sexual dysfunction has been described as low sex drive or libido, followed by difficulty with
"Self-esteem, sense of wholeness and relationships can be seriously and adversely affected, exacting a heavy emotional toll. Researchers have found significant associations between major categories of sexual dysfunction, reduced physical and emotional satisfaction and general well-being,".


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