Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Now pay Rs80 to visit loo at Delhi Airport

Now pay Rs80 to visit loo at Delhi Airport

Now you will have to think twice before answering the nature`s call at the new Terminal 3 (T3) of the Delhi Airport as visiting the loo has become expensive. You will now have to pay Rs80 for it.

The reason why nothing comes cheap at the IGI Airport`s new terminal is that it has cost more than Rs10,000 crore to build.

Terminal 3, the world-class, integrated terminal caters to international flights at present.

The terminal has three visitor`s lounges - a huge one at the arrivals level that offers a wide array of facilities and shopping options and two smaller ones at the departure level, one each at the international and domestic side.

While entry to the arrival visitor`s lounge will cost Rs80, visitors could enter the lounges at the departure for free on the first two days after operations began on July 28. If you want to visit the restroom or even buy a bottle of water, you will have to pay and enter the visitor`s lounge, as no facilities are available outside the terminal.

Even at the old Terminal 2, visitors coming to receive or see off passengers had to pay Rs80 to enter the visitor`s lounge but there were enough number of toilets outside the terminal, near the airline offices.

"We are being treated like animals at this airport because we arrived a few hours before we were supposed to check in for our flight," said Sylvia, a Spanish national. "There is nothing to drink or eat here and I can`t find a restroom," she said.


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