Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Shah Rukh petrified of lungi!

/photo.cms?msid=6227846Its time Shah Rukh Khan heads to South and learns a thing or two from the southern heroes on how to sport a lungi , for the actor got cold feet when asked to wear one in Ra.One.

For those who are clueless about the word ‘ lungi ’, it’s a sarong worn around the waist especially in India.

Coming back to Shah Rukh, when the actor was asked to wear the lungi , the actor got tense fearing the garment might open up leading to hefty embarrassment in front of his crew.

SRK quoted, “I wore a lungi for a scene. It kind of gets windy & cool inside after a while coupled with the fear that it may open!”

Ironically the dimpled actor had once joked during the IPL that he won’t mind dancing naked if his team wins! The actor often makes bold statements like these, light heartedly but the truth is SRK is extremely shy in real life, contrary to his public image. He even admitted it once saying, “I am extremely shy. Women love the way I romance onscreen but in real life I am quite boring.”

The actor has worn a Dhoti in Karan Arjun , Swades and Paheli but hadn’t worn a Lungi till date. This would be the first time that he would be sporting a sarong, the way Salman did in ‘ Har Dil Jo Pyaar Karega’ .

Internationally, it was Football star David Beckham who made sarong popular amongst men.


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