Saturday, August 7, 2010

When Piggy Chops lost her voice!


"Priyanka had to act as an audience in a concert which was being shot,'' a source tells Mumbai Mirror. In the scene Piggy Chops was supposed to enjoy the concert and scream very loudly, louder than everybody else in the audience. That scream had to differentiate itself."

Vishal apparently asked for a few retakes, and Priyanka did the needful. “After Vishal approved the scene, Priyanka realised that her throat was choked.”

She could realise the aftermaths of the scream only the next morning, when the actress found her voice gone. She tried her level best to get the voice in its original state by drinking hot water but nothing was helping. After trying all this she immediately rushed to a doctor then.

The doctor has put her on heavy medication and has advised her to not talk at all for at least a week,” reveals the source.

All we can say is ''get well soon'' and get back to work!


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