Saturday, August 7, 2010

Paris Hilton wants Kangna Ranaut


Bollywood's stunning beauty kangana Ranaut, who's much known for her fashionista image, is being chased by heiress Paris Hilton to endorse her brand Paris Hilton Fashions.

Paris Hilton Fashions has approached the Bollywood gal Kangna to be its Asian brand ambassador -- a first for an Indian actress.

Says an insider, "The brand carries Paris' signature style -- fun, flashy, bright. Kangna was short listed because of her edgy approach to fashion. She is considered to be a stylish girl who experiments, takes risks and sets trends."

The brand researched her films, her taste and approach to clothes, her image etc. before roping her in. It's a good time for the actress. Her latest flick Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai surged the box office collection and the Himachali babe is feting the success of it. Her career has been catapulted by the myriad numbers of tickets sold for her movie. After observing all these factors she has been offered a whopping amount to endorse PHF.

Says a source close to the actress, "Nothing is final as yet and if Kangna signs it, it will be her first international fashion brand." Earlier she has endorsed other clothing brands, including a leading international denim wear but that was limited to India only. In future Kangna also aspires to start her own clothing line which will be a reflection of her persona.

Well, keep going Kangana! Afterall the ball is in your court.


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