Friday, July 23, 2010

Why celebrities commit suicide ?

New Delhi- They were rich, famous,good looking and with lot of grace. They were adored by millions. They made their mark in their respective fields. But, they fail to cope with the hard-realities of life. Well, we are talking about the likes of Viveka Babajee, Bimal Roy, Nafisa Joseph, Monero, Kuljeet Randhawa, Spiderman star Lucy Gordon and supermodel Tom Nicon, who recently jumped down from his flat. Even Nargis thought of suicide before she met Sunil Dutt.

It is really amazing that even though the world is fascinated by these stars, but their inner world is incomplete. It is said for Nargis that she went through many ups and downs in her life. She had just mentally detached herself from her relationship with Raj Kapoor.

He was after all, a married man. When you are a celebrity, people want gossip about you. And spare a thought for charming and urbane Viveka. The loneliness of inner mind pushed her to a commit suicide recently in her Mumbai flat.

The loneliness also took a very heavy toll on the maker of master pieces of Hindi cinema like Pyaasa and Kaagaz ke Phool. Those who knew the film maker close enough say that Guru Dutt experienced great emotional anguish and loneliness.

Her failed love affair with Waheeda Rahman completely broken him. Guru Dutt had tried to commit suicide before he finally passed away. He withdrew into a shell of loneliness. Film writer Harish Chandra says that Guru Dutt's films were about the inability of people to express what’s troubling them.

Those who have seriously work on causes of suicide says that big time celebrities have an immense sense of loneliness and hopelessness. And there’s a lack of belonging. There are days, when they feel like a loser. That feeling sometimes drive them to take extreme step.

In an interview to TOI, film writer Bhawana Somaaya says that showbiz is not a place for the weak. You need nerves of steel to be able to survive the highs and lows of this world and remain grounded. Those with supportive families survive the storms.

Insecurity is an overwhelming emotion in any creative profession. Film stars are peddlers of emotion and there are more emotional wrecks here. There is shame and scandal, exhibitionism and eccentricity, but there is also an energy, a fatal attraction about the world of cinema that is obsessive. Once you have been a part of it you feel incomplete without it. Meanwhile,discussing the reasons for celebrities taking extreme steps, psychiatrist Avdesh Sharma says that when the mind gets used to the highs, the lows can be devastating. Rejection can be tough.

People start withdrawing and build walls. They leave no space for ‘good’ relationships, because they feel people are using them as a stairway for their gains. Hence, begins the process of isolation. In this sophisticated society, nobody will ask, ‘Why are you withdrawing’?


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