Friday, July 23, 2010

Way to healthy and pure living

Way to healthy and pure living

Key to good health is good food and regular exercise in daily routine.

Most of us has a myth that good health can be achieved by dieting and avoiding workout, but instead of following diet plans one should opt for a scientific still natural approach towards foods . For instance, a fruits daily keeps the metabolism up- right and provides you instant energy.

Proper intake of fresh vegetables gives plenty of essential vitamins and minerals, so one must include green and yellow vegetable in their diet chart. Boiled or steamed vegetables are more healthy to consume.

One should avoid sugary snacks including much of pastries and cookies. One apple a day is very good for health as it prevents us from several deficiencies.

Drink a lot of water, add milk and fresh curd to your diet chart and make sure to add fresh fruit and vegetable juices as your main beverages and avoid sugary soft drinks and colas as much as possible

Below are some tips and chart provided which will help to distinguish you through healthy and non-healthy food.

Should Avoid

Soft drinks and sodas

Greasy snack chips
Battered and deep fried foods
Processed lunch meats

White bread and refined pasta
Most canned spaghetti and ravioli
Sugary breakfast cereals

Must for You
Green and fresh vegetables
Dark leafy greens and lettuce

Greasy snack chips
Nuts, dried fruits and Salads
Whole grain and brown breads and pasta
Healthy cooking oils like canola and olive oils
Low fat milk or soy beverages

Code liver oil , fish and meat
Large portions of fresh green foods in your daily meals can go a long way into keeping you fit.


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