Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dig into some secrets about men

Dig into some secrets about men

Most women has curiosity to know about their men's fertility? Men play a role in fertility problems 40 per cent of the time, and interestingly, You just need to keep an eye out for these positive signs.

His stomach is flat.

When it comes to conceiving testosterone, a key hormone,gets broken down by fat cells that build up around a guy’s middle. So if he has a spare tire, his testosterone supply—and baby-making abilities—will be more depleted.

Body made up of steel

To build muscles men needs testosterone, so a well ripped body signals high fertility.

Hairy but not at right place.

Men with mega amount of testosterone are mostly found to be having male pattern baldness.

Penis in right order.

Note where his urethra (the hole at the end of his asset) is located. in order to send sperm swimming in the right direction it should be right at the tip

Sperm been confirm

The cloudier his semen, the more sperm it’s likely to contain. Also, it should be viscous: A gooey consistency prevents sperm from leaking out.

What his Ball says.

Sperm is produced in the testicles and the bigger they are, the more sperm he’ll crank out. The size of each testicles should be of a whole walnut. An unusually soft or small testicle means reduced fertility.

A man well knows when she have orgasms

1. High moaning and such sounds

2. Dental impression from shoulder.

3. She starts breathing really hard and fast

4. Legs twitch and jerk for a good 10 seconds before she collapses.

Score points with his crew

Adding your guys’ friends to your fan club is great for your relationship too.

1. Break out the lowbrow chow.

Connect one-on-one.

Guys are used to being treated like a mob of troublemakers by wives and girlfriends. Show that you view them as individuals, not a collective threat, by asking each of them a few questions about their interests. So they’ll see you as a person, not just the girlfriend.

Take off after 30 minutes.

Drive home the fact that you have no desire to cut into dude bonding by ducking out to do your own thing. You’ll leave them plenty of time to discuss how lucky your guy is to have a non-ball-busting woman like you in his life.

How his height shapes him

What a man’s height says about his personality

Tall dudes are more likely to be…

Popular: They are readily accepted into a group

Happy: According to the National Bureau of Economic Research tall men report higher levels of life satisfaction.

Short guys are more likely to be…

sensitive: They develop this part of their personality to appeal more to women.

Sexual Dynamos: Shorties are attentive because they’ve had to work harder to attract and keep women.


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