Monday, August 2, 2010

Sonam refuses to lip lock with Shahid

Sonam Kapoor, who recently gave her first on screen kiss with Abhay Deol in her movie Aisha, directly denied her Mausam co-star Shahid Kapoor for a tongue hockey. She was utterly surprised when she was asked to do so at the last minute, during the Scotland schedule.
It took her completely unaware as there had been no talk of any kissing scene when she signed on. She was never told that there would be a lip lock with Shahid. No mention of it was made even during the detailed script narrations.
Says a unit source, "Sonam was taken aback when the director (and co-star Shahid's dad Pankaj) told her about it. She flatly refused."
There was lot of tamasha on the set with Pankaj anxiously calling dad Anil in desperation to save the situation, but the damsel was obstinate.
Adds the source, "It was at Shahid's behest that a kissing scene was created. He put forth the idea to his father who complied with his request. Shahid feels that like Aamir Khan he, too, should kiss all his heroines. He felt it would add more passionto the scene."
But the source says, "When Sonam realised that it was her hero's demand, she became even more adamant about not doing the kiss and was in no mood to listen to anyone on the subject."


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