Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lingerie gets men's pulses racing!

Lingerie gets men's pulses racing!
The next time you want to men’s heartbeat to uproar with zest then just seduce your Mr. Right with foreplay in Lingerie, and make him bow down your knees for sexual pleasure as a new study reveals that women's lingerie gets male shoppers' pulses racing.
But, when it comes to women, it's the sight of sparkly evening dresses or a glamorous pair of shoes that do the trick.
The study, which was conducted by Debenhams in a bid to establish in which department customers get the most enthusiastic, used monitor devices to track the heart rates of 1,000 shoppers, reports The Daily Express.
And the study of customers aged 20 to 40 revealed stark differences between what gets the pulses racing for the two sexes.
Lingerie topped the list of goods that boosted men's heart rates, followed by high-tech TVs and sound systems.
Debenhams spokesman Ed Watson said: "It seems men enjoy buying something special for their loved ones."
The shopping climax comes late for men it's all about closing the deal at the till."


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