Sunday, July 25, 2010

Brain scans to tell the choice of career

Researchers say that a person’s brain scanning can suggest the type of career he is interested in. Especially, the type of vocational training the person needs can easily be detected through this process.
General aptitude tests and specific mental ability tests are important tools for vocational guidance. And if performance on such tests is based on differences in brain structure, maybe brain scans can reveal to a person his choice of work.
Researcher Richard Haier, from the University of California, USA, and his team compared brain networks identified using scores on board cognitive ability tests to those identified by using specific cognitive tests to determine whether these relatively broad and narrow approaches yield similar results.
"A person’s pattern of cognitive strengths and weaknesses is related to their brain structure, so there is a possibility that brain scans could provide unique information that would be helpful for vocational choice. Our current results form a basis to investigate this further," said Haeir.


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